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Energy System Design
Champion: Alger, Monty


The Penn State “Operating Station” is a partnership with Office of Physical Plant (OPP), students, faculty, and the broader community. This will leverage our facility operations, faculty expertise and stakeholder engagement to create 1) real world educational opportunities for students in project feasibility, design, implementation and analysis; 2) demonstration and deployment opportunities for innovative technologies and strategies; and 3) a model for energy system transformation. Spanning all 24 campuses, the Operating Station will provide an excellent opportunity to “learn by doing” at scale and provide a much needed bridge of basic research to the market. The effort will be extended to other universities for benchmarking and best practice translation. The Operating Station will also provide a mechanism to address two key challenges to Energy System Transformation: the scale-up and financing of new technologies and systems.


Market Need:Create and demonstrate the equivalent of an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) checklist for transforming our energy infrastructure. 

Vision:Make Penn State a model of energy transformation.


- Create the Penn State Operating Station

- Develop and implement a student-led effort to transform Penn State energy infrastructure

- Create a collaboration with multiple schools and apply real-time measurements for benchmarking and translating best practices   

Energy System Design
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